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Video Ad Marketing is a great search engine marketing strategy that builds trust and get visitors excited about your products or services!


Video AD Marketing 2014 Special $399

One new video (4 variations) distributed to over 30 High Ranking Video Sites Like YouTube, Google Video, and Live Video; 15 blog and social bookmarking sites; and over 15 Podcast sites. Was $599 but is now $399.


 There is a one time $97.00 set up fee that goes to setting up all the accounts on the different sites.

The above offer comes now with Video-in-Article Publish your videos to thousands of sites embedded in your articles!!!

If "a picture is worth a thousand words" what is a video ad worth?



According to a study by Google and AOL conducted by market insight and information group TNS, 75% of respondents reported watching more video online than they did a year ago, and over half expect to watch more online video in the next year.



78% feel that online video ads provide as much or more of an opportunity to learn about a product or service than television, and 63 % said they prefer video sites to include advertising if it helps keep content free. Apparently the online community is embracing video much more willingly than expected.



64% of respondents have taken action after seeing an online video, 44 % going to the advertiser's Web site, 33 % searching for a product or service, 22 % visiting an actual off-line store, and 21 % discussing the advertised product with friends or family. So not only does online video bring in new business, it gets the ball rolling on that elusive buzz marketing campaign.



The responses came from 2,394 online users between 18 and 54 years old. The study also found that online video ads result in 32 % of viewers describing the featured brand as innovative, 32 % as creative, and 30 % as fun.



Video Ads dramatically increase the "7 second" widow. This is the average time that a visitor to a website takes to decide whether or not to stay or leave. Video ads help keep visitors on your site longer so that they can understand the value that you bring to the table.



Two Aspects of Rush Hour Video Ad Marketing



Video Ads These are short videos that are designed to drive traffic to your site. The process is to create several versions and upload them to 50 video publishing sites. The upload process is very time consuming but I have tools that cut the upload time considerably. Because the video sites are so heavily indexed by the search engines it is easy to get high rankings in a very short period of time. Depending on the number of competing pages, first page ranking can happen in under 24 hours.



There is a "secret sauce". The key element is optimizing the title, video description and keywords. This is what the search engines look for since they cannot read video content.



Content Video These videos can serve as either ads that provide valuable information and point customers to your site or as informational content on your site that explains your products or services. Both are very power tools to increase web traffic. I will have more sample videos shortly. Before you do any Video Ad Marketing, go to the following pages for more information on Search Engine Marketing and related info about Search Engine Optimization.


Click here to see Sample Videos



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