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CLICKADVANTAGE offers a wide range of affordable Managed Search Engine Marketing Services & SEO Management programs designed to save you time and money. Contact us today so that we can discuss the goals and objectives of your online campaign. We will provide a search engine marketing solution that is right for you and it include the following:


Usability and Visibility Analysis Ideal for established website. This is a road map that can be handed to your web master to implement changes in order to improve your website’s usability and visibility to the search engines. "On page" optimization is very important to the search engines because it helps them index the content on your web pages.


Competitive Analysis The competitive analysis identifies not just your competitors but you’re online competitors. Online competitors are web pages that are competing for the same keywords that you are. Your top 10 competitors in the search engines are the web pages that show up in front of yours in the search results.


Back Link Analysis This analysis identifies the sites that link back to your web pages. Search engine’s algorithms weigh relevant links back to your pages very heavily. The more relevant links to your web pages the more you are viewed as an authority.


Search Engine Submission (if needed) If your website has not been indexed by the search engines you will not come up in the search results. When you search the "web" using Google, Yahoo or MSN’s search tools, you’re not searching the Internet you are searching the search engines databases. When a site is submitted to the search engines the search engines uses software called "spiders" to crawl the pages of your website through your internal site navigation and captures vital information about each page of your site and in puts it into their database. The information captured include Meta tags, content, H1 tags, Alt tags, sites that you link to going to and back links to your site.


There are several ways to get web pages into the search engines a database (indexed). Submit your site to the different search engines, have another website (that is already indexed) link to your site, publish an article that has a link to your site or sign up for paid search with each of the search engines. If the pages of your website are already in the search engines databases you do not need to keep submitting your site. Some search engines will see this process to spamming. Not a good thing.


Search Engine Optimization Of New Content & Copywriting From keywords, Meta tags and content we will provide everything you need to create a new optimized page.


Linking Strategies The linking campaign is the process of developing one way of links back to your important web pages. As mentioned earlier, one way is links from relevant websites to important pages on your site are an extremely important in establishing not only good rankings but increased traffic as well.


Article Marketing This is a great way to get quality links back to your site and establish yourself or your company as an expert in your industry. You can write an article yourself or we can write an optimized article of a 300 to 500 word article for you. We will take your article and publish it, not to 1 or 10 article publishing websites, but to over 1,000 sites. A lot of these sites provide content to webmasters who are looking for content for their sites.


Directory Submissions & Paid Directory Submissions These are a tremendous source of one way links and traffic. We can submit your site to 50 to 2000 directories. These directories only allow your home page.


Deep Link Directory Submissions Just like directory submissions except here we will be submitting an inner page (deep links – a Non home page URL) These are very effective result for expanding exposure, links, traffic, increasing page rank and visibility.


Blog Submissions This process is extremely time-consuming without the proper tools. Well will create multipulte blogs and submit unique content as well as contrubute content to established blogs in order to create "buzz" and backlinks to your site.


Video Marketing Video marketing is a tremendous way to gain exposure in the search engines. We create 1 to 3 minute videos with very informative content and then we publish the videos over 25 to 30 video hosting sites. The results are very high rankings for the videos.


Setup Tracking Without tracking there is no way to know how effective your marketing campaign is. We use Google analytics in order to track visitors to the site, conversions, where visitors come from, time on site, the keywords that got them to the site and more.


Baseline Keyword Ranking Report We will never know how far we’ve come until we know where we’ve been. We do the baseline keyword ranking report to take a picture of where we are when we began the campaign and then we monitor the progress.


Marketing Consulting Third Party SEO Audit We offer a third party SEO audit. This is a way to grade your current SEO Company or your own efforts. We will look at your rankings compared to your competitors; examine you Meta data, content; and the links to your site. We can do a simple and basic free evaluation or a extensive three month tracked campaign.


CLICKADVANTAGE'S Managed Search Engine Marketing Services, Search Engine Marketing Solution and Search Engine Positioning Services are designed around one goal, increase web site traffic to meet your online business needs. Search engine optimization marketing is an ongoing process that requires fulltime attention. Let us become you online marketing arm.

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