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Click Fraud is a fact of life in the online world. The search engines are getting better at detecting and crediting their online advertisers. We offer more with our Click Fraud Management program. We can track an IP address even if it goes to another search engine and click on your ads. It give them a warning that we are tracking them. It is amazing how bad behavior stops if the they know they are being watched and tracked! Also, some click fraud caused by our clients who find it easier to keep clicking on our ad instead of book marking our page. We give them a gentle reminder to do that.

Do you suspect your Competitors may be clicking on your Pay-per-Click Search Engine listings and even clicking across multiple search engines in order to escape detection? These activities will deplete your Pay-per-Click Funds in a hurry and is a rapidly growing problem. Save money by deterring click fraud.

The ClickMinder Now!, with three or more (you decide) repeated clicks from a Pay-per-Click listing onto your website, our exclusive ClickMinder™ pops up to deter potential abusers. Completely optional, and can also be customized to fit your particular site's needs. NOT Stopped by Pop-up Blockers! Submit Reports to Search Engines for Refunds or Credit.

Search Engines need proof that your repeated pay-per-clicks clicks are coming from the same user. Standard server logs cannot accomplish this. But our Auditing Tool tracks individual users - and can be used to legitimately establish fraudulent activity. And the fact that your data is collected by an independent agency adds even greater weight to the validity of your Pay-per-click tracking data. Track ALL Pay-per-Click Search Engines

Tracks each and every Pay-per-Click Search Engine - even ones most people have never heard of!

Plus, receive discounts on monthly & annual subscription fees, as well as Management & Reporting options.

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